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Even though you have the precise steps to launch a best-selling book, wouldn’t you like to see the practical application?

Well, you’re in luck today! You can get your hands on the Secrets to a #1 Best Seller in 30 Days, a case study based on one of my many best-selling books.

In this case study, you’ll get a better understanding on:

  • What the magic formula was for developing the title, cover, book description and keywords
  • What low-cost promotional action I took to get a best-seller
  • The exact timeline and strategy I used for pricing competitively
  • The number of books downloaded, and pages read through the KDP Select program
  • The specific ranking in the paid Kindle store

And, my honest reflections on the experience.

Now that you have the Best Seller Book Launch checklist, the Secrets to a #1 Best Seller in 30 Days will only cement your understanding.

However, this is a one-time offer for all you action takers and anyone interested in taking their business to the next level.

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If you decide you’ll pass on this one-time offer, that’s okay. Rest assured, your Best Seller Book Launch Checklist should be in your email soon and you can still push forward as originally planned.

However, this is not some salesy false scarcity ploy. I will NOT revisit this offer later, so you either buy now or miss later.

So, what’re your waiting for?

Head over to the link on this page or go to to get your copy of the Secrets to a #1 Best Seller in 30 Days.

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