Is Your Cover Design Affecting Book Sales

book cover affecting book salesWhat do a few different flavors of Pringles have in common with your cover design?

Maybe nothing, and that’s part of the problem!

What can make your series fail on KDP?

When you have one-off publications, you’re at a greater disadvantage.

Stay with me. Authors who have a deep backlog, it’s like Pringles, once you pop, you can’t stop, right?

When you have more content, readers have more to consume. They’re going to come back again and again. A series is easier to market. You can start by marketing the first book in the series.

Allow me to introduce Andrew Claydon. He’s a relatively new fantasy author and the winner of the Miblart cover design giveaway we ran on a recent video.

Fortunately, Andrew already worked with Miblart for his debut novel earlier this year.

“I’d heard a few good things about them on some Facebook Groups and basically, I checked out their website, and they just seemed ideal price wise, quality wise, and sort of everything I was looking for. Then when I started dealing with them and realized how communicative they were, it was just a really easy mesh,” Andrew said of Miblart.

Andrew has only published one book so far in his series, but he’s planning to launch the second book in 2023. Oddly enough, he ordered the cover design for his second book already through Miblart, so he’s set for that launch as well.

Then I ran the giveaway and lo-and-behold, he won. Andrew even admitted he didn’t expect to win, so now’s he got a problem since his third book isn’t close to being ready to launch. I think we can all agree but it’s a good problem to have, right?

He will have another cover design in his series ready to go on launch.

Andrew is already aware of how to get things started with his cover design. We had the basic structure with the main character (MC) and some sort of threat from the book appearing around him.

“For this one, I have them a couple of scenarios just to give the designers a bit more opportunity to show some creative flair. I’m so glad I did that, but I had a bit of an issue on the first draft when I received the cover. I obviously was blown away straight away. Then I looked and saw the cannons on the ship and it’s not technologically appropriate for the time period and setting of the book.”

“I noticed the one side and though maybe we can ignore that, but then there was another six on the back page. Yeah, I kind of need to come at them and say, can we get these removed?”

Could Miblart fix this issue?

Would Andrew like the changes?

What’s the deal with the Pringles cans?

Slow down, I’m getting to it!

“In the course of one email…I sent them one email saying I love the cover you’ve done, great work, but we do have some cannons in it which isn’t appropriate for the genre. Do you think we can get them removed?”

“Within an hour, I got an email back saying, ‘Absolutely, no problem. We’ll get that sorted.'”

“A couple of days later, I got the proof back minus the cannons and I could get back to being blown away some more.”

You’re still waiting on the connection between the Pringles cans and a successful books series on Amazon KDP, aren’t you?

It’s the branding.

It’s the overall shared aesthetic you can see by the growing lineup in his series. He has the look, the feel, and the overall atmosphere dialed in. 2023 is going to be a stellar year for Andrew and we couldn’t be happier for him!

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